Thursday, June 24, 2004

Summer Bible Camp Memories #2

Remember that one time when
you forgot to bring your lunch so at
lunchtime you just drank about
eighteen cups of free sugarless
Kool-aid and maybe there was
something going around or maybe
that Kool-aid was tainted or maybe
it was just you but do you remember
when you vomited in the counselors
face right when he knelt down to
ask you if "you alright, little guy?"

And later, do you remember when
you vomited again on the trail but it
was all chunky cause it was just
saltines that the nurse had given you
to eat while you laid in her tent?

enough is enough

They're right outside my window somewhere... in one of those sticky trees that screws up your car if you park under it for longer than a few minutes. Some baby birds that just won't shut up, grow up and leave the goddamn nest already. It's been weeks now. Didn't the nature show say that the mom bird would toss them out eventually to force them to learn to fly? What is wrong with this mom bird? Isn't she sick of them yet? Maybe those babies are all she has in the world. Maybe no one loves her, so she is clinging to them- not teaching them how to fly or how to feed themselves just so that she can selfishly keep them dependent on her in her little nest.

Someday, though, the little birds might finally get a clue. They will somehow accidentally fall out of the nest or another bird will come along and show them what they're missing.

I like to think that I will be cruel enough to laugh at the mom bird when this finally happens.But I'm afraid that when it comes down to it, I will probably just cry along with her.A soulful, chirping song of sadness and loss.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Summer Bible Camp Memories #1

Remember the time that
you had to entice that
one snake into biting
you on the eye
to counteract the
bite you had received
previously from that
other, bigger,
more poisonous snake?