Wednesday, August 6, 2008


little girl: oh, yeah, what's something super f*cked up that just the sound of it makes you cringe?
little girl: poop
little girl: furrie poop
omnicollective: eeew
omnicollective: so intimidating
omnicollective: let me think
omnicollective: i know there are things like that
omnicollective: but i probably block them out
omnicollective: i wish there was a word for having glass dust in your eyes
little girl: ooh, ouch
omnicollective: Broken Teeth
little girl: Virgin Saw
omnicollective: this saw has never cut anything!
little girl: hahaha
omnicollective: you can befriend this saw without guilt or regret
omnicollective: because you know for sure
omnicollective: that it has not cut anyone in half
omnicollective: especially not a virgin
omnicollective: oh..... sounds like maybe you're looking for a virgin cutter
omnicollective: gotcha
omnicollective: aisle 7
little girl: virgin cutter
omnicollective: yeah, is that what you wanted?
omnicollective: oh... a devirginizer?
omnicollective: no problem
omnicollective: aisles 1-5
little girl: hahaha

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