Saturday, March 3, 2007


no telling what truly caused or did not cause me to stop by your house today
here are just a few of the contributing factors. I may or may not be aware of others

[first of all], a woman cleaned up after her dog right as i walked by
she kept her back to me because maybe or maybe not she was embarrased
did she could she imagine me imagining her enjoying the warmth through the plastic bag in her hand?
i looked away in order to allow her whatever privacy she did or not need

[second of all] but as I turned my head, there was a discarded golden condom wrapper right in the walkway of the house i was walking in front of

[something of all] the song that just came on is too good to interrupt by pushing pause in the event that you are on your porch to talk or not to.

the people inside probably or did not see me seeing their condom wrapper
and looking straight ahead, I saw your window and

[third of all] by now i was already
too close to call and ask if you were or not home.

[fourth of all] I even looked back to consider one last time, but there was the lady and her dog
heads held high to hide or not hide any loss of dignity - warm plastic bag in hand

so just close your eyes. try not to embarrass anyone. keep walking.

were you or not home? did or did not you see me? i may or may not catch you next time.

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