Friday, May 25, 2007

fruits & labors

LaserWolf: if someone harvests wild fruit and sells it
LaserWolf: should their price be less than the price of farmed fruit?
goblins: no it should be the same unless its stealing from someone else’s property
goblins: what’s your position on it?
LaserWolf: the farmer should get more…. but if he charges more, people will just buy from the wild harvester
LaserWolf: so they should charge the same
LaserWolf: funny when you think about it
LaserWolf: you’re not buying the fruit
LaserWolf: you’re buying the right to eat the ‘fruit’ of someone’s labors
goblins: no you own the fruit then, not their labor
LaserWolf: good point
LaserWolf: but what you are paying for is their time
LaserWolf: so you don’t have to go find or grow your own
goblins: their time is paid for from the profits
LaserWolf: their profits are the money you give them, right?
goblins: yeah
LaserWolf: we said the same thing there
LaserWolf: hah

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