Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dream come true

We are helping build the virtual world. After you watch that video, go give Photosynth a try. I'm serious.


Wenchie LostElf said...

Wow! Very impressive. As a visually oriented person it was a bit mind-blowing even.

the omnicollective said...

It definitely blows my mind to imagine the potential of this, once it gets going. I'm imagining older archive photos being scanned and added to the mix. All people in all places will exist in all time.

Wenchie LostElf said...

me: Do you like Denzel Washington? I watched one of his movies this morning I think I’ve seen them all.
Susan: yes
me: do you remember your friend's blog about the neat camera technology?
that pieces everything together?
did you see that?
Susan: no, that doesn't sound familiar
was it Aspen?
me: ohh!
i thin
is that omnicollective?
Susan: yes
well i need to write a new comment to him
they used that software in the movie
but with a sort of scary sci-fi big brother twist
it was COOL
the movie was just ok
but that part was Neat
Susan: oh, they did?
me: yep
Susan: that's really cool
what was the movie?
me: Deja Vu
if you havent seen that demo
you need to watch it
it's amazing
Susan: I only poked around a tiny bit
since my computer here at work is SO slow
me: haha I should just copy and paste this conversation into the comment section instead of trying to rewrite it
Susan: and I don't often use the computer at home
do it!
me: haha ok
if it will let me

Wenchie LostElf said...
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the omnicollective said...

Best comment ever.