Thursday, June 14, 2007


dls: watch out for plague-bearing fleas
LaserWolf: oh, damn
LaserWolf: i've already got a few bites
dls: do you have any buboes yet?
LaserWolf: i guess not
LaserWolf: what are they?
bastard: they are actually pretty nice ones, especially for $2 a piece at Goodwill. :D
LaserWolf: sweet
LaserWolf: i will look for them
dls: I think its when your glands get swollen
LaserWolf: oh
LaserWolf: dang
dls: around your neck and armpits
LaserWolf: so that's what these are
LaserWolf: i thought you were talking about some cool new creature to capture
dls: haha
LaserWolf: i hope I can get at least $2 for these at goodwill
LaserWolf: they are definitely troubling me
dls: man, I guess you can get just about anything at goodwill for $2

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