Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nealham's Return

The 48 Hour Film Project is upon us again. Team Nealham is back in action after taking last year off. I always find pitching this thing a difficult task because I can't yet tell if the result is something I will actually want you to see. Just in case it is, I would like you to know that our film is expected to screen in Group A - Wednesday, August 10th at 7PM. As usual, the screenings will be held at the beautiful, historic Hollywood Theater. Tickets don't seem to be on sale yet, but keep your eyes on the 48 hour site for more details and I'll probably update you again, too.

P.S. I can't come to the screening. I have to work. Will you please go in my absence and vote for our film so that it gets into the Best Of Portland Screening so that I can see it on the big screen? Thanks!

As a special bonus for reading this post, the three of you get this secret link to a not-very-recent podcast featuring Nealham hanging out with our best friend/nemesis, Rob of Cinema Queso. Did I already show that to you? Sorry.

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